Watt Oscillating Portable Heater with Motion Sensor

– THREE 3 FAN MODES: Fan/Medium/Turbo Max. 200 sq ft coverage From circulating air in the room to rapidly heating it; three available fan modes help enrich your environment, whether in a living room or bedroom

Child Safe Personal Quiet Heater With Built-in Thermometer

– MOTION SENSOR INCLUDED: An integrated motion sensor contributes to saving time and energy on warm-up. When motion is detected, the heater activates, effectively heating up your living space

– CHILD SAFETY LOCK: Installed to protect small children from heat burns. Parents can use this heater without worrying about extra supervison. Pressing and holding 2 buttons on the control panel will activate/deactivate the child lock

Prevents the heater from running longer than 3 hours continously to save energy. No need to worry about remembering to shut it down. This energy-saving safety feature appeals to people in both houses and apartments. Also a built-in thermometer. The easy-to-read display on the unit keeps track of the current room temperature

– TIP-OVER PROTECTION: When tipped over or tilted, at an angle of 45 degrees or further, the unit shuts off immediately. In a dynamic environment, things can be unpredictable. This safety feature prevents the heat from damaging your property